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An Invitation to Collab: Latin America Recap

An invitation to co-create a memory of our accomplishments and experiments and further advance the mission of building with purpose that unites us all

An Invitation to Collab: Latin America Recap

GM Community and Founders! I had an idea about an interactive building exercise and thought it would be interesting to test out:

The first Collaborative Latin America Community and Founders Recap

an invitation to co-create a memory of our accomplishments and experiments and further advance the mission of building with purpose that unites us all

You read right. This is an invitation to join an experiment for formatting a “non-official” recap, to be built collaboratively with the community, hopefully periodically, to showcase actions, initiatives, impact and growth. Open to feedback, my initial suggestion is that our first report comprises achievements from Jan. 2022 until today, and a final section with proposals to brainstorm about possible ways to advance opportunities in Latin America.

Why This? Why Now?

LatAm is a very big region and I feel initiatives don’t have a digital space yet to congregate, celebrate and share knowledge in text, video and pictures formats. As Celo is evolving at an interesting pace this year (from rebranding to L2 proposal, just to name a few), I thought it could be a good moment to think outside the box and explore the benefits such action could unlock to the community in terms of connections and awareness.

Last but not least: Celo evolution was all about pointing out that the Next Disruptor Is All of Us. In this sense, I am particularly thrilled to see and feel Latin America populate this Forum with the exciting news and accomplishments I believe are around.

If you Want to Engage, Here is How it Works (for now, subject to your feedback):

  • A first draft of the recap is now published on this Celo Forum;
  • Don’t be fooled by the current looks of it: it can be subject to super cool design based on Celo Brand Kit 3. For now, it’s indeed white-canvas.
  • You will find on the report a placeholder with a call to action for the community to add accomplishments;
  • To be featured on the report, the interested party/start up/DAO etc. must reply to this Forum post with the following information until August 25th, 2023:
  • Name of the StartUp/Founder/DAO + Logo
  • Name of the Event/Accomplishment + Date
  • Paragraph (around 300 words) describing the accomplishment/activity
  • Picture or link to youtube video
  • Only public knowledge information available online can be included;
  • A final report consolidating contributions with a cool design will be published in this same Forum post in the subsequent week following the above-mentioned deadline.

YAY! But, once this is ready, what are the next steps?

  • Open call to discuss learnings and opportunities
  • Nomination/suggestions of new steward(s) to produce the next report (if community decides to continue the activity)
  • Sharing of the report by the drafters

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