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Research Open Call

We are excited to announce a Research Open Call aligned with our mission to deepen understanding and drive actionable insights within the Celo ecosystem.

Research Open Call

CeLatam aims to establish itself as a leading Think Tank focused on Web3 innovations in Latin America. We are excited to announce a Research Open Call aligned with our mission to deepen understanding and drive actionable insights within the Celo ecosystem. This initiative invites founders in the Celo community to collaborate on bespoke research projects that address key trends, challenges, and opportunities in Latin America.

Call for Proposals

We believe that the best insights come from those who are directly shaping the future. Hence, we are calling on founders and project leaders within the Celo ecosystem to propose topics that they believe need in-depth exploration in Latam. This is a unique opportunity to co-create knowledge that not only informs the community but also guides strategic decisions and innovations.

How Does it Work?

About the Research Grant: Three projects built on or currently building on Celo will each receive up to 1000 cUSD to conduct research alongside CeLatam’s team. Read more about research themes in the next section.

Research Duration: Projects should complete their research within a maximum of three months. This timeframe includes the publication and promotional activities associated with the findings.

Deliverable: Each project is required to produce a detailed report outlining research findings and recommendations.

Extras: In addition to the research grant, each selected project will receive an additional 500 cUSD to partner with CeLatam in organizing a meet-up. This event will serve to disseminate and discuss the research outcomes, fostering greater engagement and visibility within the community.

Themes for Submission

While we are open to a wide range of topics, we are particularly interested in research that delves into:

  1. Stablecoins: Analyzing the role and stability mechanisms of stablecoins in Latin American economies.
  2. Real World Assets (RWAs): How blockchain technology can bridge the gap between digital and physical assets, enhancing liquidity and accessibility.
  3. Regenerative Finance (ReFi): Researching models that leverage blockchain to support sustainability and environmental goals.

Who Should Apply?

Founders and project leaders within the Celo ecosystem with a track record of research on the topic of Web3 & Stablecoins, Real World Assets, and (or) Regenerative Finance.

Researchers with solid academic backgrounds.

Web3 Regens & Degens with a track record of research.

 Why You Should Apply

Collaborative Research Development: The chosen project will work alongside CeLatam's team of researchers and analysts to develop the research.

Visibility: Findings will be published and promoted within and beyond the Celo community, providing significant exposure to the collaborative project.

Impact: Contribute to a body of knowledge that could significantly influence policy-making, project development, and investment strategies in Web3 spaces.

Connect: Access a vibrant community and unlock opportunities to collaborate and network with like-minded founders and innovators throughout the Celo ecosystem.

Application Process

Submission Brief: Applicants are required to fill out a form with a detailed brief outlining their proposed research topic, the question they aim to answer, why it is relevant for the Celo ecosystem and Latin America, the budget plan, and a brief description of the dissemination strategy.

Selection Criteria: Proposals will be evaluated based on relevance, potential impact, and feasibility.

Timeline: Proposals must be submitted by June 28th, 2024. The selection will be announced at July 3rd, 2024, and the research project will commence shortly thereafter.

Final Deliverables

A comprehensive research report to be promoted on the communication channels of CeLatam and the related partner.

A presentation of findings at a webinar hosted by CeLatam and the partner.

How to Apply

Interested founders should submit their proposals through the provided application form.

Join us in uncovering new insights and shaping the future of Web3 in Latin America!

General Terms and Conditions

Ownership and Public Access

In alignment with our commitment to fostering open access and the dissemination of knowledge, we emphasize that intellectual property resulting from research funded through this call for proposals should be treated with the intention of promoting unrestricted access to the outcomes. Researchers will retain intellectual property rights, with the expectation that they will make their findings openly accessible to the public, either through publication in open-access journals, deposition in publicly accessible repositories, or other means consistent with the principles of open science. This approach ensures that the benefits of the research are widely available to the broader community, facilitating collaboration, innovation, and societal impact.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

Confidentiality and Data Protection are fundamental principles governing all research activities funded by CeLatam. We are dedicated to ensuring that every interaction within these research endeavors complies rigorously with applicable data protection laws and CeLatam's internal privacy policies. This includes the meticulous handling of any personal information gathered during the course of research, such as participant data or sensitive research findings. CeLatam is committed to preserving the confidentiality of such information and utilizing it exclusively for the stated research purposes. Stringent measures will be implemented to safeguard against unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse of personal data. Researchers receiving funding from CeLatam are expected to adhere unwaveringly to these principles, fostering an environment of trust, integrity, and respect in their research practices.

Indemnification and Liability

Researchers bear full responsibility for the outcomes of their research projects, including any consequences arising from the use or dissemination of research findings. This includes but is not limited to:

i) Ensuring the accuracy, validity, and ethical conduct of the research.

ii) Complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and institutional policies.

iii) Addressing any claims of intellectual property infringement, defamation, privacy violation, or other legal issues arising from the research.

iv) Resolving disputes or conflicts that may arise among project collaborators, participants, or other stakeholders.

What we don't fund

CeLatam does not provide funding for certain activities or expenses that fall outside the scope of its mission and objectives. These exclusions are intended to ensure that funding is allocated efficiently and effectively to projects that align with CeLatam's strategic priorities. 

I) Religious or Political Activities: Funding is not provided for projects with a primary focus on religious activities, political campaigns, or lobbying efforts.

II) Retrospective Funding: CeLatam does not typically fund projects that have already been completed or activities that have already incurred expenses prior to the funding application.

III) Harmful or Unethical Research: Funding will not be provided for research activities that pose significant risks to human subjects, animals, or the environment, or that violate ethical standards or regulatory requirements.

IV) Non-Compliance with Laws: CeLatam does not fund projects that violate applicable laws, regulations, or ethical guidelines, including those related to data protection, intellectual property rights, and research integrity.

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